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bosa oristano malaspina sardinia Italy
4 reasons you should consider buying a house in Sardinia
With Australian property prices having long passed the ridiculous, there is an alternative to the soaring cost of a home, but it’s going to add a bit of time to your daily commute: the town of Ollolai on the rugged, sun-bleached Italian island of Sardinia is selling houses for just €1. Most of the 200-year-old stone dwellings are in need of serious restoration and renovation, and indeed this is one of the caveats of the bargain basement price; buyers must commit to refurbishing the house they buy within three years of purchase. The idea is to revitalise the town, which because of its ageing population and the allure of the big cities on the mainland is in real danger of dying. Here are four reasons you should invest less than the price of your morning takeaway coffee on living la dolce vita in Sardinia.   1. Make the most of the beaches, said to be some of the best in the Med but blissfully quiet in comparison to places like Sicily or the Amalfi Coast. 2. The food of Sardinia is rustic and flavoursome, from porcheddu, roasted young pig; to culurgiones, a local ravioli-like pasta. Eat up! 3. Wonder at millennia of history thanks to the fact that the island has been occupied since the Bronze Age and everyone from the Spanish to the Romans have spent time here. 4. Explore the capital of Cagliari, with its cathedral, piazzas and medieval citadel, and smaller towns like Bosa and the street-art-daubed Orgosolo.
How to get a legitimate upgrade to first class
Okay, so there’s a small catch, but still, getting a free first class upgrade on your next flight is pretty awesome in our book.
Australian expats france cooking schools
Expat life: what it’s really like to live in a 300-year-old French barn
We chat to stylist and food photographer team Louise Pickford and Ian Wallace Food, Australian expats who dared to live the dream in the countryside of south-west France. 

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