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There’s something about being by the ocean that provides the perfect break from the daily grind. Watching the waves roll in while reading a book, getting up close and personal with colourful marine life through a spot of snorkelling or simply watching the sunset while sipping a cocktail – there’s no better way to recharge your batteries.

If a little beach time is calling to you, there are some magnificent spots around the globe to entice you.

Beach holidays in Asia

Tropical paradise is not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Japan. But the islands of Okinawa offer some of the most surprisingly beautiful beaches you’ll see (and they can be wonderfully quiet).

Then of course there is Thailand, with the iconic island beaches like Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Phi Phi.

Bali has long drawn travellers seeking a beach holiday, and there’s no doubt it delivers. From palm-fringed, white-sand coasts and cliff-guarded coves to shimmering, black-sand volcanic beaches and wave-buffeted shores, there’s a beach to suit any traveller.

Other regions with jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches include Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Goa in India (which has become one of the hot bucket-list destinations in recent years).

If you want to go full luxury and get some Instagram pics that will make your pals green with envy treat yourself to a stay in one of the iconic overwater bungalows in The Maldives.

Beach holidays in Africa

Mauritius: the name alone is enough to conjure up visions of azure-blue waters and golden-sand beaches. And you wouldn’t be wrong – it’s all of this, but plenty more.

Keen surfers will also love the iconic breaks of South Africa, and Zanzibar is starting to pop up on many a beach-lover’s radar.

Beach holidays in Oceania

Fiji is a popular destination for Australians craving tranquil turquoise waters. Made up of 333 islands set in the tropical South Pacific, Fiji gets the seal of approval as one of the world’s top beach getaways. The people are friendly and hospitable, the weather is warm, the beaches are to-die-for and the island inland is lush and green.

To get a little more off the beaten track you might like to explore the equally beautiful Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Samoa and Tahiti.

Beach holidays in Europe

The Croatian coast has over 1000 islands and reefs and the Adriatic sea on the Croatian side is very clean and clear. In the summer, seawater reaches 25 degrees Celsius and it’s very pleasant to swim in. The best beaches in Dalmatia are around the towns of Makarska, Brela and Tučepi.

Italy and France also have some gorgeous beaches to explore on the Mediterranean, and let’s not forget the picture-perfect Greek islands and the azure waters of Malta.

The Americas

When you think of Mexican beaches you may think of Cancun, but our advice is to forget the clichéd location and escape the crowds (and drunken tourists who can’t handle their tequila sunrises) with these suitably secretive places to soak up Mexico’s heat.

The Hawaiian islands are also wonderfully diverse, offering everything from surf culture to the spirit of aloha.

Alternatively you could venture further afield and explore the jewels of the Caribbean – this archipelago of tropical islands is a treasure chest of diverse landscapes, culture and beauty to be explored.