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  • delia farrell says:

    Thank you! I have won two competitions this past year – and I used both of them together on a recent trip to Bali. …My Safe Skies Luggage Cover looked grand at the Viceroy Bali resort. Love IT!

  • allison olsen says:

    I have just tried to enter your Tahiti competition and it keeps coming us as error…so thought as a last minute effort, I would put my entry in here…Hope thats okay, heres my 25 wol……..DO In Tahiti…My Hubby…When I say Do, I mean DO WHAT WE WANT!!! Sleep in, late meals, late nights, a bed to ourselves…DOABLE TAHITI…Sounds amazing.

  • Don Morrison says:

    Photo #43 is Manarola, Cinque Terre – not Amalfi Coast….but both locations are wonderful!

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Right you are Don! Good pick up. We’ve since changed the image accordingly.

      Warm regards,
      the IT team

  • dick bridge says:

    Just read your nov/dec mag Aloha Cool story.
    Hawaii America’s 52nd state????
    Who does the checking of such inaccurate info???? Tsk Tsk. It became the FIFTIETH state in 1959!! And there ain’t no more than that! !!

  • Kerry Roche says:

    I have just tried to enter your African Safari adventure competition (Issue 015) and I can’t get the competition form to appear fully on the screen hence I can’t complete it. I have tried several times so thought I would try and send through here….. Which animal would I like to see…To see any African animal in the wild would be the most incredible experience; in particular how they react with each other!
    Thank you so much!

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Hi Kerry,
      Thanks for your entry! We have added it to our database.
      We’re not sure why the competition form is not displaying properly for you though.
      Please let us know if this technical glitch does not resolve for you.
      All the best!

      Warm regards,
      the IT team

  • Julie says:

    Cant seem to enter competitions for may/June 2015 received today ???

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Hi Julie,
      Our digital team is in the middle of uploading them.
      They will be available shortly.

      Warm regards,
      The IT team

  • Prue Trethowan says:

    Issue 016 states Maldives competition is open until 15 June – can’t locate Maldives competition today 7 June, only Ireland- how do I find Maldives completion , supposedly has a week to run???

    • Suzanne Smith says:

      One day left to enter Maldives comp BUT I can’t find where to post my answer. HELP please…. thanks in advance 🙂

  • KERRIE says:

    I have just sent an email thru to you … … re my new mag subscription … that the correct addy?

  • azhar says:

    i want to be a volunteer work for the way to happiness

  • Deena says:

    Why wasn’t Greece included in the top 100 top places to visit? With all the Greek islands and the Acropolis? International Traveller not!

  • ishwar lalji says:


  • Nindya Putri says:

    Hi IT Mag,

    I’m indonesian and looking forward if there’s any chances to be your freelancer or full-timer travel writer. i’ve already send my email to the editor, and waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much

  • Tatiana Podmore says:

    cannot upload photo for ýour shot’. is your site not working correctly ?

  • Keith Harkin says:

    Can you show me the link/survey where I can enter the Mekong River Cruise competition. Thanks

  • Shayla says:

    Hi, I’m a journalist writing for the magazine. Can you please send me a copy of the International Traveller media kit? Thank you!

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Hi Shayla,
      Thanks for getting in touch!
      We’ve just emailed you the media kit – don’t hesitate to contact us if you require anything further.

      Warm regards,
      The IT Team

  • Wendy says:

    Hi, can you please tell me who the lucky person was the won the recent Bali comp? Thanks

  • Nindya Putri says:

    Hi, International Traveller,
    I’m Indonesian,
    and i wanna know is there any chance to join ur team as travel writer or travel photojournalist?
    I would love to hear a great news from you!
    thank u so much !

  • Cameron Scott says:

    Having issues trying to upload my shots to ‘your shot photo comp’. Is there an email I can forward these to as the web site is taking far too long.

  • Jordan Kaye says:


    I’ve been attempting to enter your SHot Photo Competition but i can’t upload my entry. The image is definitely under 2mb so it should be fine for upload. Can you help, or can i submit via email?


  • Holly says:

    Have to correct you on your article regarding the foods you find in Newfoundland. The touton is not traditionally deep fried, toutons are usually pan fried. Back in the day people didn’t have deep fryers they would take bread dough and fry it in a pan. Deep fryers might be used now to cook them in certain places because it is faster, but it is not as good. Thank you!

  • Niki Royal says:

    LOVE that you featured 12 things to try in Newfoundland! Writer Nikki Bayley – thanks! I do want to mention – Toutons are traditionally pan fried, not deep fried. If you are a local, and you go to a restaurant and you get deep fried toutons, you are usually disappointed. They are delish, but not “real” toutons. 🙂 Toutons originated because while mom, or nan, would be baking her bread early in the day, and the kids would be gathered round just waiting For an occasional handful to be pinched off a ball of bread dough that was just a bit too big, to hit the cast iron frying pan that was waiting. Butter and Molasses then, HEAVENLY.

  • Herm lavallee says:

    With regards to your article titled: 12 crazy only-in-Newfoundland foods you must try” I would like to correct you on your assumption that these foods are unique to and can only be found in NFLD….totally untrue. I will not list all the inaccuracies but the one concerning the cloudberry is a total misrepresentation considering that that particular berry does not grow on the island of NFLD and nor does the Partridge berry, also known as the Red Berry. The Quebec Lower North Shore, a place where I have lived for most of my life, regularly serve these foods plus many more. So, please, stop and do a bit more research before publishing these “only in” type of articles.

  • Ana Osborne says:

    Your article “12 crazy only-in-Newfoundland foods you must try
    ” is inaccurate. Sorry, Newfoundland definitely does NOT hold exclusive bragging rights to the “only-in-Newfoundland” items mentioned in your article, as these things can definitely be found in Eastern Quebec (on the Quebec Lower North Shore) as well as other parts of Canada. Bakeapples, a.k.a. Chicoutai, Cloud Berries, etc. can even be found in Europe and across Northern Canada.

  • Gail Butler says:

    Hi There,
    Hi there, I think you forgot a couple of delicious foods only found in Newfoundland on your list. There is the famous fish and brews or fishermans brews, turnip greens, dandillions greens, figgy duff, stuffed squid, peas pudding, and there are many more. Plus you don’t deep fry the toutons, you pan fry them. And scrunchions also have diced onions with it served with salt fish and potatoes and in the fish and brews.

  • Julie says:

    Hello I have just been trying to complete your 2017 readers survey & therefore enter the Los Cabos competition which supposedly is open till April but when I answer Q1 there is no button to click to continue – disappointed! Could you advise please, Thank You.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Julie,

      Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble entering the Readers’ Choice.

      Yes, it is still open. This link should work (on mobile or desktop): (you might need to scroll down to the next button).

      Best of luck.