7 places you're most likely to be pickpocketed – and how to avoid it



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  • Edward W. Armstrong says:

    I have visited five of the six spots in past travels. Fortunately for me– I was NOT pickpocketed, for I usually carry a tote bag of sorts (unzipped). If I had bags or backpacks that had zippers, I would have done as recommended, for when a friend of mine and I were in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval 2003, some locals informed him how he should be carrying his backpack. After they’d done this, he followed their advice and did not encounter any theft or other disappointments/problems.

  • Michael says:

    My wife’s bag was stolen in the reception area of an airport hotel in Barcelona. A middle aged male approached my wife where she was seated and asked if the headphones on the ground were hers. As she bent over to look, her bag, which was next to her was taken.
    The headphones had been placed there by the thief. It took 10 minutes to realise the bag was gone. Contained credit cards, jewellery and cash. The were 3 gang members in the area scoping for victims.