Zurich, Switzerland: the essential city guide



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  • William Brooks says:

    Still enjoy a read of the magazine at the local library

  • Nick says:

    Might be worth mentioning that Swiss travel isn’t the cheapest in the world. When I think “hip” I don’t think excessive $$$. The title I clicked on gave me the impression the article was directed at young-somethings, not wealthy professionals.

  • Richard Emery says:

    Worst city on our entire European trip. Simply could not believe how expensive it was. Not family friendly in any way. Could not get out of there quick enough. To say Switzerland is expensive is an understatement. Hip? We don’t think so.

  • Dee Seedan says:

    I was stunned to see this city being revealed when I clicked to find out the the hippest city that Aussies are visiting. There are many words to describe Zurich and “hip” is not one of them. It’s certainly not a fun city for Millennials, or anybody. Try your grandparents’ age, looking for a place to spend all of their savings on doing not much. Skip Switzerland all together.