Swap these 7 European cities for lesser-known gems



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  • Phillip Hawkes says:

    This may sound counterintuitive, but stay in Pisa rather than Florence. Yes very crowded during daytime, but after the massive influx of tour buses leave by 5 pm the city is quite normal, delightful little non-touristy trattoria in the back streets, small boutique hotels half the price of Florence. Florence is an hour away by train for day trips.

  • Angela Fennell says:

    We are travelling in Northern France and avoiding larger cities… the château area is busy with older tourists who have avoided the official Summer months… we try to go early to places but by lunch it is busy at the main areas like Amboise and Blois. Eating here at lunchtime you must sit by 1.30pm or miss out on service…. Dreading the return to the UK next week but just miss QEIIs funeral thankfully…. Prices over there for wine at London pubs were ridiculous but great here in France….