Why Karpathos is Greece's best-kept secret island



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  • Karin Peterson says:

    You missed a lot of terrific places:

    Taverna Under the Trees north of Finiki. Wonderful, fresh food. All vegetables are grown by Kostas on his own land.

    Café Acropolis is more than a café. In the evenings it’s a first class restaurant with suberb food.

    Taverna Pelagos by the main road along the beach. Live Greek music every night, played by the wonderful singer Xronis and the best bouzouki player of the island: Flourios.

    The small but lovely sandy beaches along the south coast. Damatria, Christou Pigadi and Diakoftis to name only a few.

    The mountainside village of Mesochori. Breathtaking views and charming alleys.

    The small village of Lefkos with several sandy beaches and another great taverna, Dramountana. Go out in the kitchen and see what’s been prepared today. Choose a little of everything; you will not be disappointed.

    The village Spoa is also worth a visit. While here, have lunch att taverna Folia, where you can get the best Symi shrimps I’ve ever tasted.

    In Olymbos, eat at taverna Blue Garden. No menu, you just sit down at a table and you will be served a selection of dishes, all much better than the usual tourist stuff. The owner has as a principle never to cook moussaka, pastitsio or souvlaki. He wants to serve his customers the traditional Karpathian dishes that his grandmother used to cook.

    And this is just the beginning; I could go on forever. There is so much to discover on this lovely island.

  • Jet Stoltenborgh says:

    It’s for 30 year my paradise

  • george azinas says:

    Knowing Karpathos I can say that I havent read before so much inaccurancies espcially about the hotels you recommend and promote.
    How can you sanction the development on one island by indierectly critisizing the opeining of larger size units?
    Is this what the owners of the establishments in which you stayed (most probably free of charge) told you?
    Hadnt it been for the larger units the island s tourist industry would have gone bust. Indeed there are chartered flites from Italy, Scandinavia, Israel, the Netherlands and Austria. These people have to sleep somewhere, in some places other than stables….
    May I recomment South Sudan to the author to spend his holidays? It meets his requirements……

  • Costanza George says:

    Are you serious, George Azinas? That is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard!

    Karpathos is a place I will always remember as the most romantic, picturesque and relaxing place I’ve ever visited with my girlfriend.

    The people are nice and welcoming, the weather is wonderful and the sea is breathtaking, as is the nature around you.

    Food is definately worthy of a bite or two! Not gourmet by any means, but still cheap and good.

    Olympos was a fantastic place to visit, and one could almost feel the “old” Greece around themselves. Astonishing to be told that these people had lived up there for so many years out of harms way from pirates and other conquerers. The honey and greek yoghurt in the morning is obligatory while gazing out across the morning lit sea. And some Sumamelo(honey liquor, bought in Olympos)is just the right thing for the sunset!

    Aegean Village is a hotell I would recommend to anyone, perfect location, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful accomodations and good healthy food served in a wonderful setting!

    Karpathos gets 5/5 from me!

    • Devi says:

      Hmm..wonderfull ..at the least from what i have experienced from the real culture from Greece ! 🙂
      Ahh..i do agree on Acroplis yess 🙂 Nice and kind transformation, from day to night 🙂 i can go on and on about Karpathos..Ahhh..

  • marina argyri says:

    worst thing about Karpathos are the feral cats? are you serious?