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12 crazy only-in-Newfoundland foods you must try
From Climax candies to beer made from icebergs, here are 12 crazy Newfoundland foods to discover, if you dare. By Nikki Bayley.
Make merry with L’Acadie in Canada’s New Brunswick
Live, love and be merry in a festival about Acadian culture.
Kiss the cod and become an honorary Canadian in Newfoundland
You made it! Now drink some grog, and kiss a fish to celebrate.
Drink your way back in time in ye old New France
Drink your way back in time in ye olde New France.
Go overboard for oysters on Canada’s Prince Edward Island
Taste the delicate nature of the sea itself on Prince Edward Island.  
Wild Caraway Restaurant Nova Scotia Canada
Wild Caraway: one of Canada’s culinary secrets, with an Aussie touch
By day, paddle one of the world’s most extraordinary tides, at night eat at Wild Caraway, a Canuck favourite with a Melbourne chef. By Nikki Bayley.
Dig for giant clams on Canada’s Prince Edward Island
Dine on the freshest seafood while feasting on the most gorgeous views.