Vietnam on a scooter: the ultimate scenic adventure



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  • Kien Nguyen says:

    This is a great article about travelling in Vietnam. For those who want to ride in Vietnam, I suggest to check out the road rules (practical and informal but work well). I’ve been riding for years in Vietnam and know the rules are very important.

  • Anh Wu says:

    This covers more of the South than the North Vietnam. To add: It’s more flat in the South and The North is better with roads, views, people and customs.

  • Anh Wu says:

    Scooters have hair trigger accelerations and riding slow is the key. Allow longer braking distance and wear a good crash helmet and safety riding gear. These scooters are good for cities and short distance trips.

  • odinpodin says:

    I get really confused about the rules for riding i Vietnam… from what i understand, you have to get a Vietnamese drivers license to ride legally in Vietnam(even 50cc). On the other hand I got a response from one of the biggest rent a bike companies in Hanoi that states a viet license is not required on the other hand some people on forums state they just bribe the police when they stop you without a license

    But you claim a international drivers license will suffice?

    • elin says:

      I’m in vietnam now. rented scooters all around asia and a drivers licence is not needed to rent a bike. I’ve just bought a 100 honda win to ride vietnam with and once again, no drivers licence needed

  • Motorbike Vietnam says:

    It’s nice story! This must be helpful for the ones planning to visit Vietnam.

  • Fiona Mai says:

    For travelers who are more keen on a challenging road trip, riding a scooter in the Northern part of Vietnam where zigzag mountainous trails dominate might pique your interest. I’d suggest a scooter ride from Hanoi to Ha Giang or Ba Be – Ban Gioc. The landscapes there are just awe-inspiring!