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Best adventure activities in Canada

Get your heart racing with these thrilling Canadian adventures, set in some of the most picturesque corners of the country. No matter what the season (or your fitness level), you're bound to find an activity that suits you.
Service with a smile
Why you need to Catch a floatplane to Virginia Falls
Soar you way to one of the world's great waterfalls.  Read more
Canada's stunning Aurora Borealis lights.
1 Behold the fiery Canadian Northern Lights
Experience one of the great natural wonders in the beautiful Canadian north. Read more
The helper
2 Go wild in Churchill on a Canadian polar bear safari
Test your nerves on a journey to meet one of the world's most amazing animals. Read more
A pin-cushion of narwhal
4 Spot a mystical Canadian narwhal
Meet one of world's most mystical creatures  Read more
Yukon's open road
5 Road-trip across the Yukon in an RV
Get on the open road under the Yukon's midnight sun. Read more
Beluga whale watching near Churchill, Manitoba
7 Snorkel with Canadian belugas
Snorkel with Canada's wonderful beluga whales.  Read more
Thumbs up
8 Heli-ski your way to mountains of Canadian bliss
Heli-ski the best run of your life on a powder-filled Canadian slope.  Read more
A very Northwest walk
10 Thread the Canadian Northwest Passage
Explore the Arctic Northwest and meet giant Canadian mammals, and even bigger icebergs. Read more
Clayoquot Sound
14 Find luxury in the wilderness at Clayoquot Sound
Action and beauty abounds at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, one of Canada's most unique.  Read more
Nature's ice block
15 Dodge the frozen giants of Canada’s Iceberg Alley
See icebergs of every hue and shape in Canada's awesome Iceberg Alley. Read more
Caribou in motion
22 Migrate to the arctic north with the Canadian caribou
Get amidst a giant Canadian caribou herd in the frozen Nunavut territory.  Read more
Mass migration
24 Stand in awe for the mass Canadian reindeer migration
Watch a wildlife phenomenon like no other as the Canadian reindeer migrate. Read more
A moment of reflection
26 Hike the heights of The Canadian Rockies by helicopter
Hike with all the wonder, but none of the effort aboard a helicopter.  Read more
Dog sledding with a smile
27 Go mushing across a frozen Yukon lake
Glide across the frozen expanses of the Yukon powered by man's best friend. Read more
A structure at Torngat
Get nose to nose with Inuit culture in the Torngat Mountains
Have a cultural experience at one of Canada's most remote, but also most beautiful locations. It's number #29 in the 100 things to do in Canada before you die. Read more
What a feeling
31 Ascend to mountain bike heaven in Canmore and Kananaskis Country
Leave behind only tracks on Alberta's incredible mountain bike trails.   Read more
The river wild
33 Raft down Canada’s wildest river systems
Get your heart pumping in the wilds of the Nahanni National Park Reserve. Read more
White on white
Soar over the ice fields of Kluane National Park
Fly over one of the most striking views in Canada, if not the world.  Read more
Docking at sunset
37 Explore the Inside Passage with BC Ferries
Venture through the intricate waterways of British Colombia's Inside Passage. Read more
Slow going
38 Track a Canadian ice road to the roof of the world
Drive carefully on one of the iciest (and most beautiful) roads on earth. Read more
The whale tail
41 Come face-to-face with a Canadian marine giant
Experience pure awe as you swim with the gentle giant of the sea.    Read more
Harboured boats
42 Discover the magic of Magdalen
Discover a hidden Canadian island chain that has much to offer.  Read more
A mother's love
45 Spot a Canadian grizzly cub at Knight Inlet Lodge
Meet one of Canada's most gorgeous animals animals- the grizzly cub.  Read more
Modern Cowboys
50 Live like a cowboy in Canada’s Grasslands National Park
Go back in time to an age where cowboys ruled the Saskatchewan plains. Read more
Come on in
51 Hike out to Whistler’s Russet Lake for a cooling dip
Venture to an alpine lake that just begs to be plunged into. Read more
  52 Live in wild style at Canada’s Nimmo Bay Resort
Live wild, and also wildly pampered at a totally unique resort.  Read more
Gros Morne Mantle
54 Tread the earth’s exposed mantle at Gros Morne
See the inner working's of this planet of ours at Gros Morne.  Read more
Paddling with the dolphins
56 Conquer the Arctic with Lazy Bear Lodge
Take all the polar you can bear at one of Canada's most unique lodges.  Read more
Niagara Falls
58 Feel the spray of Niagara Falls aboard Canada’s Hornblower
Experience the awesome power of one of the world's most famous waterfalls.  Read more
A whale hello
59 Join the Arctic Watch in remote Nunavut
Go deep into the frozen reaches of Canada in Nunavut with an Arctic Watch adventure. Read more
Lean in
61 Take a walk OVER the wild side for the best view in Toronto
Get on top of the world with one of Canada's best urban views.  Read more
Hands in the air
64 Tiptoe across the centuries-old snow of Canada’s Columbian Icefields
Ice is nice on the wonderful journey onto an ancient glacier. Read more
Yukon Quest
66 Cheer on the huskies at the Yukon Quest 
Enjoy the dog days of the Yukon Quest, watching some amazing husky sledding.  Read more
Many hues of yellow
68 Explore the ancient Canadian homes of 10th-century Vikings
Learn about Canada's surprising Viking history. Read more
Roads-eye view
69 Cruise on a Harley across Canada’s Icefields Parkway
Get hog-wild on one of the world's great motorcycle journeys. Read more
Ferry good
71 Hike Vancouver’s incredible West Coast Trail
Stroll along a hikers paradise in British Colombia's West Coast Trail.  Read more
Room with a view
72 Go with the floe on a Canadian polar sea adventure
Discover a whole new world near the polar north of Canada. Read more
Sun setting
81 Hike across the Cape Breton skyline during sunset
Drink in all the natural beauty of the Cape Breton National Park.  Read more
Lift's here
View the craggy peaks of Canada’s Tombstone from above
Soar above a stunning Canadian scene that time forgot.  Read more
What a view
85 Paddle Canada’s Moraine Lake, Louise’s little sister
Spend some time on a lake whose scenery is on the money.  Read more
Drive safe
86 Watch an ocean become a highway in Inuvik
Drive one of the world's most interesting winter roads. Read more
Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park, Canada.
90 Scale the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park
Venture out into Canada's gorgeous Jasper National Park, following the beautiful Skyline Trail.  Read more
Smiling sea otter
91 Befriend a sea otter off Vancouver Island
Meet one of the cutest Canadian critters off gorgeous Vancouver Island.  Read more
Story time
96 Canoe and connect with Mi’kmaq culture
Step (or paddle) back into a time of Canadian legend, lore and foundation.  Read more