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Numbers 11 to 20 of our ‘100 Things to do in Canada Before You Die’ countdown.
The elusive Spirit Bear
11 Search for the elusive Canadian Spirit Bear
Journey into the soul of the Canadian wilderness and meet the Spirit Bear.  Read more
Lunch is served
12 Live large on lobsters on Prince Edward Island
Dine on the freshest lobster in the world on Prince Edward Island.  Read more
The Blachford Lake Lodge under lights
13 Watch the skies blaze from Blachford Lake Lodge
Watch as the sky catches on fire at Canada's wonderful Blachford Lake Lodge.  Read more
Clayoquot Sound
14 Find luxury in the wilderness at Clayoquot Sound
Action and beauty abounds at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, one of Canada's most unique.  Read more
Nature's ice block
15 Dodge the frozen giants of Canada’s Iceberg Alley
See icebergs of every hue and shape in Canada's awesome Iceberg Alley. Read more
Seaplane in the Yukon
16 Bask under Canada’s midnight sun
Experience the beauty of perpetual daylight under Canada's midnight sun. Read more
Stanley Park
17 Bike and stroll around Stanley Park
Experience one of Canada's most tranquil city parks in the city of Vancouver.  Read more
Tundra Buggy polar bear experience in Canada.
18 Buggy a Canadian tundra in the world’s largest polar bear show
Spend a little time with an arctic giant in Canada's biggest polar bear show.  Read more
Wild winter weather
19 Witness the fury of winter from The Wick
Get in touch with Mother Nature's wild side at the windswept edge of Canada.  Read more
All smiles
20 Dance with Bonhomme at the Carnaval de Québec
Revel at the wonderful Carnaval de Québec, one of the world's largest outdoor festivals. Read more