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Numbers 1 to 10 of our ‘100 Things to do in Canada Before You Die’ countdown.
Canada's stunning Aurora Borealis lights.
1 Behold the fiery Canadian Northern Lights
Experience one of the great natural wonders in the beautiful Canadian north. Read more
The helper
2 Go wild in Churchill on a Canadian polar bear safari
Test your nerves on a journey to meet one of the world's most amazing animals. Read more
A pin-cushion of narwhal
4 Spot a mystical Canadian narwhal
Meet one of world's most mystical creatures  Read more
Yukon's open road
5 Road-trip across the Yukon in an RV
Get on the open road under the Yukon's midnight sun. Read more
Evening at the Fogo Island Inn
6 Perch yourself on the edge of the world at Fogo Island Inn
Experience hospitality that is both rugged and luxurious at Canada's Fogo Island Inn. Read more
Beluga whale watching near Churchill, Manitoba
7 Snorkel with Canadian belugas
Snorkel with Canada's wonderful beluga whales.  Read more
Thumbs up
8 Heli-ski your way to mountains of Canadian bliss
Heli-ski the best run of your life on a powder-filled Canadian slope.  Read more
The Canadia in flight
9 Hurtle across history aboard The Canadian
Wend your way across a great nation aboard a great Canadian train. Read more
A very Northwest walk
10 Thread the Canadian Northwest Passage
Explore the Arctic Northwest and meet giant Canadian mammals, and even bigger icebergs. Read more