World-class food in Winnipeg? Who’d have thunk it!



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  • Mari Bonner says:

    Good review of the restaurants that are just a few of the many great ones in Winnipeg, but your comments regarding our wonderful city are so cliche and ignorant. There is so much going on here in terms of the arts, sports and culture of which I’m sure you have no idea! Besides our winters, which are at times very cold, we have 3 other seasons which are lovely. We are ethnically diverse, hence the great eateries and we have 100,000 lakes in our great province. We are friendly, open and charitable. And I am very proud to call myself a Winnipegger.

  • Justin Ludwar says:

    Hello Quentin, I am the owner of Beet Happening. Just wanted to let you know that, in fact, we are not a vegan raw food cafe nor have we ever been. We are a new breakfast/lunch/take away spot opening up in Winnipeg’s West End sometime in October. I am not sure where you received your information from but if you want an idea of what the Beet is all about please visit our website at Thank you for your interest.
    Justin Ludwar. Owner-Beet Happening.

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Hi Justin, thanks for picking up on this!
      We visited as part of a media famil and this was the information that was passed on to us by one of the hosts.
      Nevertheless, we’ll correct this immediately. Thanks again!

  • Justin Ludwar says:

    Thanks Quentin, sorry you were misinformed about the restaurant. Thank you for making the correction. Cheers. Justin (Beet Happening)