8 sustainable ways to visit UNESCO world heritage sites

The UNESCO World Heritage Site status is meant to protect the world’s most significant sites, but it has also made them vulnerable to the ...

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7 of the best travel podcasts for self isolation

One of the things that quarantining during COVID-19 has given us is time. Lots of it. Everyone is looking for meaningful ways to spend this...

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The 5 best places to travel when you retire

Are you looking ahead to retirement? No longer will you need to squeeze a year's worth of experiences into a meagre three weeks of annual le...

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A mesmerising safari through the plains of the Maasai Mara

Watching Nature unfold across the wild savannah in Africa's Kenya amounts to the greatest show on Earth – especially when the ‘big five...

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15 ways to travel the world without leaving home

Travelling is on hold, but you can still bring a little bit of the world home to you. It’s time to enjoy the things we can about the coun...

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Coronavirus: cruising suspensions, refunds and updates

A comprehensive guide to help Australians keep on top of the latest cruising suspensions, compensation offers and updates in the wake of the...

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The best and brightest hotel openings around the world

The latest and greatest hotels, resorts and unique stays to check into and check out right now. 1. K5, Tokyo With Tokyo’s green Olympi...

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How to be a more conscious traveller

With talk of us reaching a tipping point in the fight against global warming, and travel in the spotlight for the impact it is having on cit...

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8 reasons you’ll love Thompson Okanagan, Canada

A fairy-tale ski resort, cool culinary scene and energy-burning activities makes BC’s Thompson Okanagan a Canadian favourite.  1. The sk...

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Vakkaru Resort

Vakkaru Maldives: a safe haven

In a secluded enclave within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Baa Atoll, a lush floating paradise of palm-tree-lined beaches and powder-w...


Don’t bust the crust in Moab

Over one million people hear the siren call of Utah’s recreation capital, Moab, each year. The impact of all those feet on the fragile des...

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions’ polar promise

Conscious of the fragile habitats they manoeuvre in, Quark Expeditions wants your journey to the poles to change you for the better, but lea...

Monuriki Fiji

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji: giving back to Fijians

Travelling consciously can be as simple as choosing an operator who’s doing it, too. More and more people are choosing to travel and incr...

Deadvlei, Sossusvlei

7 destinations to add to your 2020 travel bucket list

With a new year comes a fresh new calendar full of potential. If you’re itching to travel, 2020 might be the year for your next international jaunt....

Atlantis the Palm Dubai

Readers’ Choice 2019: win an $8000 luxury escape to Dubai!

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