Experiencing the Marquesas Islands onboard the Aranui 5

Explore French Polynesia’s volcanic Marquesas Islands – one of the world’s most remote archipelagoes – aboard a true cargo ship expe...

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11 amazing Fiji experiences Aussies have never heard of

From lunch on an organic spice plantation to hiking in the highlands and visiting a forgotten colonial capital, Australia’s favourite holi...

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The neurological reason Fiji makes you happy

It’s not just sun, sea and sand that makes Fiji the happiest place on the planet – but it definitely helps. We investigate the neurologi...

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The best countries for road trips around the world

Cutting your own path on a road trip through a country is the best way to make the journey part of the adventure. There are many ways of ge...

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9 epic day walks from around the world

From Machu Picchu in Peru to Japan’s Nakasendo Way, it’s possible to experience some of the world’s most iconic sights and trails on f...

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5 of Europe’s Most Magical Road Trips

For us Aussies travelling through Europe, the entirely bite-size distances between one incredible city to the next make road trips an obviou...

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Top hacks for making solo travel a breeze

featureExploring the world solo is an exhilarating adventure that is as character-building as it is memorable. But no matter how or where y...

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5 of the most romantic cities around the world

Romance is many things to many people. But whether you’re a love-glutton for the grand gestures or prefer the little things that stoke the...

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11 of the best train journeys around the world

Although less efficient than travelling by airplane and less immersive than by car, trains hit a certain sweet spot between the pros of thes...

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World’s nine least visited countries

Ticked off by tourists? Head to one of the world’s least visited countries and you might have your next ski slope or desert island all to ...

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Switzerland Competition Terms & Conditions

Switzerland Competition Terms & Conditions

This Switzerland Tourism Promotion is offered subject to the terms and conditions set out below "Terms and Conditions". Who can enter? Ent...

Bernina Express Chur to Alp Grüm Switzerland

Chur to Alp Grüm, a delightfully crazy Swiss journey

A hotel you can only reach by train, mountain bike or on foot? You’ll find it high in the spectacular Swiss Alps, of course. For gigantic...

Paddleboarding on the Rhine, Basel Switzerland

Switzerland’s quirkiest city… Basel

Basel might not be one of Switzerland’s most prominent destinations, but there’s plenty to enjoy in this cultured and surprisingly quirk...

South-MS Roald Amundsen Hurtigruten, Antarctica

How to see Antarctica (and feel good about it)

Travelling to the white continent is the ultimate bucket list adventure, but it’s one that comes with a great deal of responsibility, writ...

7 of the best travel podcasts for self isolation

7 of the best travel podcasts for self isolation

One of the things that quarantining during COVID-19 has given us is time. Lots of it. Everyone is looking for meaningful ways to spend this extra quo...

St Johns Bridge in Portland Oregon

15 ways to travel the world without leaving home

Travelling is on hold, but you can still bring a little bit of the world home to you. It’s time to enjoy the things we can about the countries we l...

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