Five ways Australian travellers benefit from Brexit

Is it cheaper to travel to the UK after Brexit? 

We’ve found 5 reasons to head to London right now and capitalise on Britain’s recent decision to flee the EU.


While Britain is still divided over the tumultuous in/out referendum on EU membership last June, Australians should scent the whiff of opportunity.

While sterling has recovered slightly from its initial collapse following the ‘Leave’ vote, the Australian dollar is still sitting strong against the pound meaning it’s never been a better time to jump on a plane and enjoy what London has to offer with just that little bit more oomph in your pocket.

So take a look at how you can up the luxury, travel further and have a little bit more wine for your buck when you head to Brexit Britain.

*In June 2016: $1 bought 50p. At the time of writing December 2016: $1 buys 58p. That’s 16% more pound for your dollar.

 1. Grab a Coffee


More caffeine? yes please!

Your Aussie dollar will now buy you a medium Americano (£2.30) for the same value as a small one (£1.95) in Costa Coffee, a difference of 17%.

2. Sleep in style


Upgrade to a Luxury King at the Savoy.

A Superior Queen at The Savoy is £492, while a Luxury King is £582, an 18% increase Aussies now essentially get for free!

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 3. A glass or two?


Up-size your wine glass.

A typical 175ml glass of red is £4.80, a 250ml glass is £5.95; a 19% difference Brexit largely covers. Bottoms up!

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4. See the sights

London, UK - May 18, 2014: A view of the magnificent London Eye in London on 18th May 2014.

More rides on the London Eye.

Let’s be honest, attractions like the London Eye aren’t cheap. A normal ticket costs £24.95, but for 17% more at £29.95 you can afford a Day & Night ticket, which lets you come back for another rotation and see the city at night too.

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5. Go further on the Tube


Train it from London to Wimbledon.

For £6.50 you can travel anywhere in zones 1-2, but for £7.60 you can travel anywhere in zones 1-3. Now that you get 16% more for your money, you can travel one zone further in London; go watch the tennis at Wimbledon or spend the afternoon at Kew Gardens!



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  • Peter Hook says:

    For those who remember when it took three Aussie dollars to buy a quid, the UK is already bargain territory. But one great tip if you want to enjoy posh cuisine at reasonable prices is opt for the prix fix lunch menus at fancy city restaurants mid-week. For GBP20-25 you can get two courses from a set menu – at establishments that would normally cost double that amount at dinner.