Drive past Rodeo for LA’s real shopping bargains

Quentin Long  finds that LA chic extends way past the world-renowned Rodeo Drive, all the way to Santa Monica in fact.

You Know: Rodeo Drive

Yes, Pretty Woman and all that jazz. Think Armani, Versace, Bulgari, Chanel, Burberry, Zegna, Fendi. And the list goes on.

You should also try: Montana Avenue (Santa Monica)

So while Santa Monica’s Main Street is the hub for all the major designer and Venice Beach’s Abbot Kinney is the alternative artsy, Montana Avenue is the place to shop for real hidden gems and specialist boutiques at more reasonable prices. Some stores worth a look:

London Sole: Huge range of flats for walking and shopping.

Roseark: Specialist jewellery and bags with some arts a little hippy dippy but interesting nonetheless.

Blue Planet: Cute dresses and boho chic for casual and evenings.

Ruti: An exclusive boutique features Israeli designers; limited edition wares. Perfect for some out there funky gear.

Refuel at

Father’s Office sounds creepy but a cool pub where the burgers are to die for. Try the Office burger with bacon, gruyere and blue cheese.