Airline review: Is United Airlines Premium Plus worth it?



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  • Belinda McClenon says:

    I would like to take a trip!

  • Greg Myers says:

    Does the purchase of premium economy/plus tickets allow for access to United Airlines lounge?

  • Elizabeth Ringland says:

    All the statements is true ! Left for the Philippines Apri6-May18 2023 and was very pleased with the economy plus seating on United ! So worth it ! I highly recommend it .

  • Alan says:

    I have flown premium economy from the US to Amsterdam a couple of times. The meals were not the same as in Polaris class and they still charged extra for anything other than beer. Not worth the extra $450. Luckily, I was supposed to be in 16 C before they reconfigured the flight And 16 C became a part of premium economy. On my second flight, I had so many problems with my connections, a friendly United elite phone person upgraded me to that cabin. If I’m going to upgrade in the future, I will skip premium economy and go to Polaris class again.

    • Emily Murphy says:

      Hey Alan,

      This isn’t premium economy, Premium Plus is the step above premium economy and the step below Polaris.

  • Colin Duncan says:

    Haven’t flown anywhere since covid and 4years since flying United. They were good in both premium and eco.
    I’d heard varying reports but my wife and I could not offer one word of fault at all.
    Would love to fly again but as we’re in Australia, getting anywhere is a costly exercise.