Thailand’s Elephant Polo; More Than A Game



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  • Jess sontag says:

    this is absolutely DISGUSTING. ELEPHANTS ARE WILDLIFE NOT ENTERTAINERS!!! dispicable greedy humans!! Im disgusted!!

  • Anna Gudis says:

    Motherfuckers, leave elephants Alone! They are NOT for your entertainment ! Ride your fucking kids.

  • Debbie Hebrard says:

    This is outrageous!!!! Quit abusing animals die mobitary gain! Teach your children compassion not hate!

  • Igor K says:

    Elephants play polo?! Is this on your opinion the most gentle and intelligent animal was born for? Not enough that rediculous elephant tides are advertised everywhere. Now it’s ball playing. This must not be promoted in way! Please, stop!

  • Jette says:

    Training elephants is one of the most cruel and abusive practices done to this wonderful animal. Animals are not meant for our entertainment.