Chiang Khan: Authentic Thailand without the invading hordes



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  • BangkokEscapee says:

    Wonderful write up:) I am currently looking at those blue Laos hills, beer in hand. A seasoned and grizzled traveler that I am. I doubt you could find a more beautiful and peaceful location anywhere in S.E.Asia.
    Let’s keep it a secret eh?

  • Aussie Bob says:

    Leave them alone, Bali is a cesspool of corruption, drugs, prostitution and bogan foul mouth tourists all thanks to the tourists. Asia is largely overrated and really only a destination for people who can’t afford to go on a real holiday. This town sounds lovely and for that reason I will never go there, what a stupid and dangerous article. I feel so very sorry for the people of this village as reporters like John Borthwick ARE the ones who are responsible for destroying it. shame John shame

  • yawnagain says:

    I’ve noticed that when I travel, the most interesting people you meet are people who’ve done the same thing in the same location for a very long time. You know – the opposite of travelers. That’s what’s interesting.

    I enjoy holidays as much as the next person. I wish I was on one now. Alas, every time you go on holiday, you become a more boring, and more obnoxious person, so you don’t want to do it too often. You’ll start to think that talking about interesting people makes you seem interesting. It doesn’t.

    Only try-hards care about these “off-the-beaten-track” holiday tips. It’s all about showing off. What’s that you say? You’ve been to the moon? Oh, well did you visit the hidden cafe on the dark side? No? That’s a shame – you really missed out. You haven’t really experienced the moon unless you did the things I did. The lit side of the moon is soooo commercial.

    • Touchstar says:

      Well put yawnagain. Yes you never would comment on someone being “genuine” and “down to Earth” when all they can do is wax lyrical about their epic adventures, just a self indulgent wank.

  • toss on says:

    “Asia is largely overrated and really only a destination for people who can’t afford to go on a real holiday”

    Aussie bob, teller of lies, peddler of dog dirt. a real holiday must be… a croissant in Paris? maybe time square in New York? Because a ‘real holiday’ apparently can’t be had in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos or Burma. oh no. these are counterfeit holidays taken by utter fools!

    Toss on Aussie Bob. Toss on.

  • Patrick says:

    Well Aussie Bob, Guess im a loser as i holiday in Asia, Guess i cannot afford a real holiday, I should be put down!

  • RICH says:

    Aussie Bob, mate you’re an absolute fool. Typical bogan Aussie.

    • Tessa says:

      I’m studying a foreign language and I find I can understand mush more of what is being said when it is delivered … SLOWLY and CLEARLY. Not as idiotic at first thought, eh?

  • Robert says:

    “English is not as widely spoken here as it is in tourist towns elsewhere, so speak slowly and clearly – and point to the menu”. So, people will understand English if you speak slowly and clearly?!!! Idiot!

  • weazel says:

    I went to Bali the first time in 1972 and it was wonderful.
    I went back a couple of years ago I saw nothing but the horror of what the west can do to a idyllic island.
    I met Bob who is 67 years old and has a 26 year old girlfriend.
    I wanted to vomit on Bob but then I thought about it and it was not really his fault.
    Unfortunately the corrupt Muslims from Java have totally destroyed any semblance to what Bali used to be.

  • Non Aussie Ken says:

    Aussie bob,

    your a tool.

  • kelly P says:

    Awful writing style, I hope you’re just learning your craft. And most of the people you spoke to, the ones from Bangkok buying shops. They’ve priced most of the locals out of the homes they grew up in and are very much resented in the town.