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London Travel Guide

Everything you need to know on where to eat, stay and play in London. Ol’ London town is much more than the capital of England; it’s one of the world’s most visited cities, a rich hub of royal history dating back centuries, and a diverse multicultural melting pot leading the world in all manner of industries – most importantly, travel. Of course, there’s much more to London than the Square Mile, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Harrods. For instance, have you ever considered going on a chocolate tour of London, or ditching Oxford Street for the city’s other great shopping strip, The King’s Road? There’s no shortage of luxurious hotels to rest your head too, including six-star stay Claridge’s (one of many local hotels that ranked in our 100 Best Hotels and Resorts countdown), or the boutique Dean Street Townhouse at the more affordable end of the spectrum. Whatever your tastes, here is International Traveller’s latest and greatest travel advice to add to your London itinerary.

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