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We are finally free to go forth and travel again, but with a world of possibilities where do we start? Here are the exotic and far-flung places worthy of your first trip back, the travel news you missed and our most memorable journeys to inspire your own…

Unforgettable journeys

After relegating far-and-wide travel to the realm of fantasy, a delicious world of possibilities is once again irresistibly within reach. Fantastical destinations locked into your memory or long dreamed of are set to feed your soul and spark inspiration after too long. Let your imagination – and these amazing locations – be your guide as some of our favourite travel writers cast their minds back in the hope of inspiring your future travels.

The return of cruising

Have you been waiting with bated breath to make a return to cruising? Dreaming of sailing in exotic places and distant lands? While some countries and continents have been quicker to relax travel restrictions for vaccinated cruisers than others, Australians are finally able to get back out on the open water again. Here is the latest cruise news and reviews.

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