Haji Lane: Singapore’s ultimate shopping secret

Quentin Long leaves the hulking Orchard Road shopping district behind and finds a place where Singapore’s new breed of designers are setting up shop.

You know: Orchard Rd

Unbelievable: Six massive department stores, more than 5,000 brands in three blocks of shopping.

You should also try: Haji Lane

This is where all the up-and-coming and independent Singaporean designers are setting up shop. It’s a narrow street in the old Arab-Muslim quarter with traditional shop houses. Some selections for a wonder:

Know it Nothing: A selection of cool indie, maybe even hipster, labels.

SUP: Yes, as in ‘Wassup’. This is a bunch of hipsters who are producing their own line.

White Room: Pretty funky casual wear for men.

Eighty Two Tales: More upmarket causal stuff. http://www.eightytwotales.com/VictoriaJomo: Very girlie fun wear.

Refuel at:

Piedra Negra Mexican grill with great street art outside.