A new passage to India

From ancient history to its beautiful light, the many faces of vast and vibrant India are ripe for discovery. 

***Written by International Traveller in partnership with Nexus Holidays***


As impossible to pigeonhole as it is to resist, India will hold you in its thrall from the moment you arrive.

The vast, vibrant land hums with colour, spirituality and the echoes of its storied past, visible in everything from the magnificent architecture to the distinctive cuisine of each region.

The natural starting point for many visitors, Delhi presents a complex contrast between the ancient and the modern.

It’s home to historical gems such as Qutab Minar – a 73m-tall ‘tower of victory’, complete with verses from the Quran and other intricate inscriptions in its sandstone exterior, dating back to the 13th century.

At the foot of this imposing structure lies the Quuwatu’l Islam, the oldest mosque in northern India.

Dehli is also home to a poignant display of more recent Indian history at Gandhi Smitri, a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated here in 1948.

Gandhi, popularly known as ‘The Father of the Nation’, lived here for a time prior to his death, and the memorial is a tribute to his inspirational life and teachings.

Despite being located in a nation awash with beautiful buildings, temples and monuments, the majestic Taj Mahal, located in the historic city of Agra, is arguably the most stunning of them all.

It’s hard to describe the sense of awe that washes over you as you take in perhaps the world’s greatest ode to love – at its best early in the day, its immense white marble dome kissed by the soft morning sunlight.

The famous Indian light also plays a part in the beauty of Jaipur, famed for the gorgeous pink hue that imbues its buildings and streets.

A short drive from the city lies the imposingly beautiful Amber Fort, which overlooks Maota Lake from its hillside perch.

This immense complex of palaces, gardens, courtyards, temples and more is breathtaking in both its scale and its intricate details, making it a wonderful place in which to lose yourself.


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