Experiences with the wow factor in New Zealand



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  • Sandy Morgan ( Green) says:

    Born on NZ would love to see and catch up with friends and family. Love New Zealand so beautiful and safety is great.

  • Rebecca Hack says:

    The places sounds very interesting where you go to. There’s a lot of places to look at when you get there.

  • Theo Vogels says:

    Miss my country of birth. Paradise of the South Pacific. Aotearoa ” land of the long white cloud”.

  • Tom Scantlebury says:

    Been there – done most of it – Would do it again in a heartbeat. Our 6 months in New Zealand was one of our eye-heart filling trips in our trips around the world. Highly recommended – but expensive to get there and a bit so to travel, etc. BUT IF YOY CAN FIND THE MONEY – worth it.