Ireland’s ‘Wild Atlantic Way’



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  • Martin Pearce says:

    Ireland is truly beautiful, and the Irish are truly beautiful … but 2400km is nuthin’! Come visit t’other side of the planet (Western Australia, to be sure, to be sure now) … we drive 2,400km (in a day!) just to go fishin’! Our beaches are also beautiful, our women are beautiful too, but if you go swimmin’ in the ocean … the giant sharks are like humans in a masked wine tasting … hmmmm, nice nose (ammonia from various sources/sauces), and nice colour (they only see in seal-grey) … and as for the taste test (a sip for humans, a huge bite for a shark, then review in the brain’s memory … in humans this is vast, in sharks it’s either yum or yuck … either way, a large shark’s bite is usually fatal … and believe it or not, the bigger the shark, the less the pain … oh, if only this was a poem, it could end in vain.

  • Hazel thomas says:

    My favorite Celt is celtic thunder, ryan, Keith, Neil…
    America loves them.
    So much fun!