The best road trips in New Zealand



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  • Gordon Scott says:

    My , and I have travelled both Islands a few years back, we booked everything ourselves, it all went like clockwork. We travelled by Train, Plane, Ferry and the excellent Intercity bus service, saved a lot by booking ahead and doing a bit of research. We did not want to drive as both us do not enjoy driving, the bus service as mentioned was fantastic and very cheap as we had booked ahead. Big clean windows to look out of and plenty of stops, the coach drivers are a wealth of information and very helpful, I would do it again.

  • Daniel Jullius says:

    It seems to be absolutely fantastic journey, can’t wait to do it with my partner

  • Joanne Pronk says:

    Would love to go to nz
    Do I need to be double jabbed ?

  • Susana Treweek says:

    This is a nice View and Clean

  • Michael David Eldridge says:

    very nice scenery

  • Martin Stevenson says:

    Great article – would’ve been even better with the inclusion of route maps.

  • Marie Pirkebner says:

    Going in October 2022