Mediterranean paradise: San Giorgio Hotel

The relaxed approach to life in Greece has been encapsulated in the pared back beauty of Mykonos’s San Giorgio Hotel.

Mykonos is renowned as one of the Mediterranean’s most lively islands come the night, but it  has an altogether more rustic, authentic feel compared with some of its Aegean neighbours.

It’s something that attracted friends Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel here to run the now world-famous Paradise Club and then go on to create something truly special in the San Giorgio Hotel.

“The whole spirit is different,” says Heyne.

“It’s open air; the stars. Go five steps and you’re standing in sand.”

To create their dream the pair summoned the help of Design Hotels CEO Claus Sendlinger, who dispatched former creative director Michael Schickinger and stylist Annabell Kutucu to work their magic on the tired-looking hotel.

The result is a classic Greek whitewashed property, which opened its doors in 2012; a charming slice of barefoot luxury nestled next to the aptly named Paradise Beach, the island’s best.

With natural materials used throughout, such as furniture and hangings made from lashed together driftwood, hessian rugs and baskets, and traditional Greek woven-top stools, San Giorgio perfectly embodies a Mediterranean style of informal comfort.

Thirty-two rooms are all flooded with natural light and cooling breezes enter through terraces overlooking the cobalt blue of the Aegean.

They’re all adorned with just a few carefully curated craftworks, helping to create relaxing, white spaces.

The hotel’s Bohemian brand of luxury is perhaps best embodied in the cold, concrete slabs of the open kitchen and communal al fresco dining space.

And all the food served here is organic, sourced from the local market.

Drinks can be enjoyed in hammocks around the pool, or you can head down to a private wooden sundeck on the shore.

The whole approach is to make you feel as if you’re at home; perhaps a friend’s villa you’ve been lent the keys to for the weekend.

Well, we can all dream can’t we?