Top 10 wildlife attractions to avoid and why



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  • Simon says:

    Supposedly “last turtle farm” in Caymen Islands means bred for consumption. There are many sea turtle rearing projects in SE Asia, under the guise of conservation, but this is not a conservation solution and the hatchlings are suffering and sick and many perish before being “released” – usually in conditions not conducive to their survival. Putting sea turtles in captivity has nothing to do with conservation.
    Dancing monkeys – in Thailand many of these are side careers for the coconut harvesting macaques. Indonesia, particularly Java has also macaques performing in roadside circuses. This has been banned in Jakarta in 2014 and now in West Java province but still wide-spread across the nation.
    This article omitted the general use of wildlife as photo-props, not only Tigers but in many countries various wildlife illegal poached (often at the fatal expense of their parents) to become photo-props either from touts hawking in touristy areas or in sub-standard zoos. Anything from primates, parrots to bears and tigers, baby crocodiles, snakes, eagles and so on.

  • Carlos Ros Torres says:

    …and also swimming with the whale shark.

  • Charles says:

    Informative and critical for responsible tourism .