Why you need to visit Canada's Fogo Island



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  • Moika says:

    $875.00 per night, is this a typo?

    • Josh says:

      Unfortunately it’s not a typo. This is a high end hotel. There’s the quiet cannon hotel which is much more affordable and a great stay for around 100$ a night with kitchen in the room.

  • Dawn says:

    Great article but one typo. The berry is called a “bakeapple”, not “baked apple”.

  • Joseph E Walsh says:

    I was born in Fogo on August 6 1925. I have

    I was born in Fogo in 1925.

  • Ellie (McGrath) McCurdy says:

    ‘m one of ten children, born to Agnes and Austin McGrath, of Tilting. They were hard working people who loved and worked the land to feed all of us. We are now living all over the US and Canada but just love to return to the place that holds so many beautiful memories. In fact, my husband and I are heading there in two weeks for two months so we look forward to peace and tranquility. Can’t afford the Inn but we have our own little house with an ocean view. If you plan to visit Tilting, stop by and visit us. We live in Maine now and it has it’s own beauty but it’s not home.

  • Martin Saunders says:

    I was born in Cape Cove on Mar 1 1935 my mother was an Eaton I fish there with my Grand Father in the early fifty’s I also fish in Joe Batts for one summer in 1952! I enjoyed reading up on this! And wish you all the best! GOD BLESS!

  • gerald dwyer says:

    I am originally from Fogo and grew up a Fishermans son. My wife is from Joe Batts Arm and her Dad also fished for a living. We think it’s fantastic what Ms Cobb has done and the vision she has for the Island. For anyone to put so much of their own financial resources into the Island shows the type of caring person she is. She is not the only one, to all the people who have stayed we wish you nothing but the best and thank you all for making sure all the traditions are not forgotten.

  • Joanne coffin says:

    We would love to come and stay but as seniors we are not able to afford this. My husbands family is from there having landed there in 1803 from England. We hope to visit in the near future and will probably try to stay with friends. Looks lovely though.

  • Rose says:

    The Old Salt Box Company is a great option with renovated Saltbox homes. Very reasonable as well!

  • Sarah says:

    There is always the option to book an island tour with me and have your very adventure with a tour of the fantastic Fogo Island inn as well.

  • Tom Earl says:

    There are other places to stay on Fogo island but unfortunately international traveler couldn’t find any of them. Many B&Bs at very reasonable rates.