Crack the Hermetic Code in Manitoba

Do your own super-sleuthing in one of North America’s most mysterious buildings. 

One of the most interesting architectural attractions in Winnipeg, the Manitoba Legislative Building is a grand and elegant construction.

It is also one of the most symbolically complex in the land with hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, Masonic language script, Egyptian sphinxes, a Medusa head, a life-sized bison and cattle skulls adorning the walls.

Built in 1920, every feature of the building has some form of intricate hidden meaning, but now, 100 years after the building’s construction, there is a tremendous amount of confusion and conjecture as to what that meaning actually is.

Building a narrative for all the quixotic grandeur is a great deal of fun, and best done after a tour with the man who has perhaps the greatest amount of information about the building: author and historian Dr Frank Albo, who takes interested parties through it.

Don’t miss it.


Architectural historian Dr Frank Albo tours the building year round with Heartland Travel ( Find out more here.


The Manitoba Legislative Building is on Broadway in central Winnipeg, near the banks of the Assiniboine River.

“The best and most revealing historic building tour of I’ve ever taken – prepare to be amazed by this real-life DaVinci Code story.” – John Lee


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