8 most common cultural faux pas to avoid



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  • Rupert says:

    with our dollar near 80 cents US, tipping 20 percent, becomes 40 percent … bit over the top.

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Hi Rupert,
      Thanks for for your feedback.
      Just to clarify, the exchange rate does not affect how much you should tip when in the USA.
      The fact is, when in the States, many people’s wages rely on tips. This means that tipping is not optional or simply a kind thing to do as it is in Australia.
      In the USA, tipping is a necessary part of day-to-day life and avoiding it is quite disrespectful.
      Hope this helps!

      Warms regards,
      The International Traveller team

    • Yojimbo says:

      When the hourly rate of pay for waiterstaff staff in the US is $7.25 not tipping is criminal. I often contrast well paid Australian waiters providing poor service with US waiters that work for tips – the difference in service is often huge.