Why you need to visit Pokhara, Nepal

Whether you take a leisurely walk around the mountain-framed lake or a dive into a heart-pounding white-water rafting ride, Nepal’s stunning Pokhara does not discriminate against your fitness levels.

It’s also number 53 on our 100 Secret Gems You Need To Know About list. 


Where on Earth is Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal’s ‘second’ city feels more like a mystical country town, located 200 kilometres north-west of Kathmandu.


Why you need to know about it

Pokhara’s major tourism raison d’être is as a base for the trek-tacular Annapurna Circuit, but it hypnotises you into staying a little longer.

The Old Town, more or less unaffected by 2015’s earthquake, is a superb glimpse of what life was like before the masses (and a few five-star hotels) crept in.

You can go white water-rafting and visit an absorbing Gurkha soldier museum, but a simple walk or cycle around the lake, in the presence of some 8000-metre leviathans, harlequin-hued doongas (boats) bobbing up and down, sums up the perfect day in this altitudinous land.

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