Hot tips for Caribbean travel

Four tips to take the guess work out of booking your Caribbean dream holiday.

• From North America, the major hubs to the Caribbean include Miami, New York, and Toronto.
If Cuba is of interest, don’t fly from the US as there is an embargo in force and restrictions on visits to the communist island nation (except on pre-approved cultural exchanges). For the same reason, some guidebooks to the Caribbean (by American publishers) do not include a section on Cuba! Check before you buy.
• The average year-round temperature for the region is 25-31 degrees Celsius.
• High season (roughly from 15 December to 14 April) is the most expensive but also when there’s more entertainment at resorts.
It’s less crowded and cheaper to visit in the low season, which is from late August to early December.
• People still visit in the hurricane season, which is 1 June to 30 November, though most major hurricanes occur between August and October.
Note the southernmost islands – St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago and the ABC Islands – are outside the hurricane belt and are generally spared.

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