100 Secret Travel Gems You Need to Know About

We present to you: ‘100 Secret Travel Gems You Need to Know About’. Thanks to your suggestions, we have put together a list of stunning destinations around the world that are still blissfully undiscovered by the masses. 

They are in no particular order; each of them is equally worthy of your attention. Where do you want to go this year? Click the link below on the continent and country of your choice to discover the secret to your next journey. 100 of them, in fact.

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>> Africa’s 7 Secret Travel Gems


Asia’s 17 Secret Travel Gems  <<


>> Central America & Caribbean’s 6 Secret Travel Gems


Europe’s  35 Secret Travel Gems <<


>> Middle East’s 5 Secret Travel Gems


Pacific Islands’ 4 Secret Travel Gems <<


>> Scandinavia’s 5 Secret Travel Gems


South America’s 6 Secret Travel Gems <<


>> United Kingdom’s 7 Secret Travel Gems


USA & Canada’s 7 Secret Travel Gems <<



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