Tips to keeping a travel journal

How to keep a journal on your adventures like a travel editor

• Write things down as you go: Unless you have a photographic memory you are going to forget something, so take the time to jot things down at the end of each day.

• Embrace your inner hoarder: Save all your guides and tickets to add colour to pages and provide visual memory prompts (if there is no pocket at the end of your book to put these in, glue an envelope to the inside back cover).

• Keep it neat: If you are anything like me (read: fussy) you will want everything to be neat and perfect so write in pencil and pack an eraser.

• Get the job done: Take the time to finish your journal off when you get home and maybe print out some of your happy snaps to add to any blank pages left over.


A  travel journal is the ultimate keepsake of a journey taken and loved, a distillation of the flights, sites, sounds, meals, anything and everything.

Now, if you are going to go to the trouble of writing down absolutely everything you did, sketching all you saw and collecting every museum entry ticket and restaurant receipt, you should put them all in a suitably impressive book.

So, we have pulled together a collection of some of the chicest travel journals and notebooks around, all set to be scribbled in… (see gallery)

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