Best in-flight safety videos of all time

Exit rows, belt buckles, life vests… you know the drill. But airline safety videos needn’t be a bore, as these six memorable productions prove.

Air New Zealand (2015)

Leading the way in unconventional safety videos for years, Air New Zealand has made headlines around the globe for epic safety briefings featuring Lord of the Rings cast and film set to the All Blacks footy team.

In their latest instalment however, the proudly kiwi airline has taken to the ocean, starring a collection of surfing celebs.

The 2014 world champion Brazilian Gabriel Medina, three-time world champion Australian Mick Fanning, American big wave legend Laird Hamilton and popular American surfer Alana Blanchard are among the surf royalty to feature, each playing a part in relaying Air NZ’s safety message.

Virgin America (2013)

Released in the midst of Glee hype, this music-video inspired safety briefing was directed by Jon. M. Chu (famed for his work with Justin Bieber and Step Up2).

MTV meets Broadway in this all singing, all dancing safety performance extravaganza, with contortionists, rap and the odd cameo appearance by contestants in hit TV shows American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

Suffice to say, you won’t be napping through this high-energy demo.

Iceland Air (2014)

Safety never looked quite as beautiful with Iceland’s stunning nature as the film backdrop.

Taking in some of the country’s most picturesque areas including Jokulsarlon, Thkgil canyon, Fjadrargljufur gorge, Thorsmork National Park and the Northern Lights, we can’t think of a more soothing clip to begin a flight with.

Better still, almost as dreamy as the visuals is the narrator’s accent.

United Airlines (2014)

In terms of production, few safety videos can compare with Unites Airlines’ ‘Safety is Global’ clip.

Taking passengers on a journey around the globe to destinations that are part of United’s vast global network, the video skilfully weaves in all the necessary belts, exits and safety procedures throughout.

Delta Airlines (2015)

Another newcomer to the line-up of world’s most memorable safety videos, Delta has made international headlines in recent months for their “Internetest safety video on the Internet”.

Featuring more internet memes and personalities than daily YouTube visits (not really, but there’s a lot), the US airline includes the ice bucket challenge, the screaming goat, the annoying orange, the cat riding a vacuum, the brothers behind ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and many more in the clip.

And if none of these references make sense, consider your YouTube homework set.