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Barcelona’s must-eat and buy guide

What are some of the souvenirs you should scout out for when in Barcelona? 

Not sure what the difference between a fideuà and a jamon is? Megan Arkinstall has put together a nifty guide to help you on your way.


What to buy

Catalan tiles  Use these decorative ceramic tiles as coasters to brighten your table.

Porron – Drink wine directly from this traditional Catalan wine vessel.

Panellets – These ancient sweets are the traditional fare of All Saints’ Day.

Espardenyes – Catalan for espadrilles; a shoe made from jute rope and linen fabric.

What to eat

Besides all the tapas, be sure to leave room for these local delicacies…

Fideuà – Similar to paella but made with pasta instead of rice.

Pa amb tomàquet – Bread brushed with a delicious trinity of oil, tomato and salt.

Jamon – Similar to prosciutto.

Sangria – Alcoholic beverage consisting of red wine and fruit.

Crema Catalana – A sweet dish similar to creme brulee however crema catalana is made with citrus zest and cinnamon.

Churros – Everything tastes better deep fried and bathed in chocolate, churros are like a dense donut that tick those two boxes.

Where to stay?

If you’re wondering where to stay while in Barcelona, check out our reviews of Hotel Claris and Mercer Hotel.



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