Eight travel experiences to have before you're 90



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  • Amanda says:

    I am really disappointed you are promoting ‘elephant rides’. These attractions are proven to be cruel for the animals and should be ceased, not encouraged.

  • Serene says:

    I’m disappointed you are promoting elephant rides. I went to Chitwan National Park in 2018 and stayed at the beautiful Tiger Tops lodge who have phased out elephant rides over the past 4 or 5 years. Instead, they offer different experiences including a guided walk alongside the elephants which was such a special experience. They also offered a sunset cruise which concluded with watching the elephants bathe in the river whilst sipping on a sundowner cocktail. It was an incredible stay, one I’ll never forget and far more personal than the generic elephant rides. I felt I was able to interact with the elephants more so than I could if I were riding one.