15. Wander the Hermitage Museum, Russia

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St Petersburg’s legendary State Hermitage Museum presents something of a quandary – do you view the three million (no, that’s not a typo) artworks spanning the Paleolithic to the present day, or the grand architecture housing the art – the splendid confection of the Winter Palace with swathes of gold on walls, columns and ceilings?

According to those in the know, if you spent a minute looking at each exhibit, you would need 11 years to see them all.

So while wandering will certainly allow you to see a lot of art, if you are looking for something specific you might want to opt for a guided tour instead!


You don’t have to be an art buff: the sheer variety of artistic treasures, coupled with the opulence of the venue, makes this one of the world’s most arresting museums.”

– Steve McKenna


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