International Traveller manifesto

At International Traveller, we’re about exploring, learning and discovering the full gamet of travel experiences around the world, ensuring every journey you take is a great one.

We pride ourselves on putting our readers first, on quality journalism and no nonsense.

And with such a strong set of values and principles, we wrote them all down in our very first edition, and have been adhering to them ever since.

This is our promise, the International Traveller manifesto:

This is your magazine.
You, the reader, are the most important person in this whole enterprise.
You are at the centre of every decision we make and we encourage you to make your feelings known, good and bad, about what we do.
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It’s all about trust.
And we must earn it. We all know that far too much “travel writing” would be more at home in a marketing brochure.
So International Traveller will never, ever – and I mean never, ever – let another party, usually dangling some money, dictate what we write or how we write it.
We would rather not publish a magazine at all than put out advertising dressed up as shabby editorial.

The world is your oyster.
As a magazine, we feel that every corner of the globe is worth exploring.
So, in every issue, we will touch every continent in some way.

Time is precious.
Our objective with each issue is to help you make better travel decisions.
As time to travel is so precious, it’s vital that we never let you waste your time on a shoddy or inappropriate holiday or adventure.
We will take the dud hits for you.

Zero to six stars.
A love of travel is a virtue, and is not confined to one particular style, so we’ll cover all kinds of journeys in every issue.
Sometimes you travel for adventure, where roughing it is part of the appeal. Sometimes you just want to drop out and have a low-key life in a different space. And sometimes you just want to be indulged, because you deserve it.

Beyond the guidebook.
We get that you will probably grab a guidebook when necessary, so our job is to take you well beyond what you can find there, or from hours of internet searches.
Let us do that for you. True travellers revel in the quirky, unique and unexpected just as much as the “icons”. We will seek them out for you.