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20. Get drenched in colour at Holi festival, India

Ranked #20 in our countdown of ‘100 Ultimate Travel Experiences of a Lifetime’.


India’s crazy, colour-saturated Holi festival takes place every year at the end of February or early March and celebrates creation and renewal.

On Holi eve, bonfires are set and the festivities stretch into the small hours; the next day erupts into an orgy of colour as brightly hued powder and dye is launched indiscriminately at friends, family and strangers alike.

It takes place nationally, so choose the city you want to be in and definitely don’t wear your Sunday best.


A classic Indian experience – colourful, chaotic and joyous.”

– Richard i’Anson


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Colour your life with a trip to India during Holi. Visit for more information about this festival.

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