6 news stories that will make you say ‘Oh Canada!’

After the media frenzy following the sea lion that recently dragged a little girl into the water in British Columbia, we looked at other memorable news events that could only happen in Canada…


Moose vs. Maple Leaf garden


A clash of Canadian icons; a Maple Leaf-shaped tulip display in Newfoundland that was designed to mark Canada’s 150 celebrations, was recently destroyed by none other than a hungry moose. Yes, last autumn about 800 bulbs were planted at St. John’s Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Gardens, intended to bloom as a white Maple Leaf against a red background. That was, of course, until the moose stumbled across the artistic salad bar, leaving but a mess of stalks…


Canada’s most patriotic [read: disturbing] tattoo


We’ve seen a questionable tat or two in our time, but the design chosen by a woman in Toronto last month takes patriotism to a whole new level. Sharing her new ink with the world via Reddit, it shows a beaver riding a Canada goose while wearing a maple leaf bikini, topped off with a royal crown (we couldn’t make this up if we tried). Apparently the design was inspired by Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations this year. And no, it isn’t a temporary tat.


$18-million maple syrup heist


In May, three men were sentenced in Quebec for the theft of a whopping 2,700 tons of humble maple syrup. With the heist worth $18 million in total, the trio of sweet tooths are said to have repeatedly raided a Montreal warehouse of liquid gold between August 2011 and July 2012. That’s a looooot of pancakes.


Mounties release rap song


It’s not just rap fans who enjoyed the chart-topping song ‘Hotline Bling’, by Canadian mega musician, Drake. Last year the Royal Canadian Mounted Police released a spoof version of the hit track, named ‘Cop Light Bling’. With a video featuring police in full uniform to match, the lyrics have been altered to remind drivers to slow down and move into the farthest lane from any parked emergency vehicle with flashing lights.

Click here to see the full clip.


Ground squirrel crashes engagement photo shoot


It seems photobombing isn’t a cheap thrill just for us humans. Last year a couple from Edmonton, Alberta, were having professional engagement photos taken in beautiful Banff National Park when bold ground squirrels came to investigate the commotion. It didn’t take long before one nut-munching fella popped up right in front of the lens, stealing the limelight from the bride and groom to be.


Epic snowball fight takes over university


While Vancouver received phenomenal amounts of snow this last (Canadian) winter, thousands of students from the University of British Columbia took a study break to stage an enormous, campus-wide snowball fight. Over 30 minutes, students from all faculties battled it out, hurling countless snowballs across the main boulevard that divides UBC.