21 things Aussies will need to rethink about international travel



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  • Richard de Mestre says:

    Very good brief.

  • Orlando Bucao says:

    Any additional info for returning citizen will greatly appreciated . Thank you

  • Ron THOMAS says:

    Have just returned from Copenhagen with side trips to Norway and Sweden for a few days each. The ease with which we were able to obtain free tests and results was a pleasant surprise. On the two occasions we needed test documents to return to Denmark there was no one at the road border, at night, to check.
    Out Australian Vaccine Certificate was asked for and accepted everywhere. Masks were mandatory on public transport and in shops and hospitality.
    Too many returning travellers had not completed the Travel Declaratiom online and this really held up the lines at Immigration.
    Felt very safe and comfortable on our trip but happy to be home.

  • Fiona says:

    I’m from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, and cannot wait to travel overseas! But such a clever tip to think about how you could work remotely in case of getting stuck / being there longer than planned, because at this point in time the world is changing daily so we need to be prepared for all circumstances!