The tour that allows you to uncover the world

At Wendy Wu Tours, we pride ourselves on knowing every vibrant, fascinating and incredibly rich corner of Asia.

That’s why we are Australia’s leading specialist Asia tour operator, World Uncovered.

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Since 1994, when Wendy personally escorted her first tour to China, her ever-growing team of passionate travellers have been perfecting and diversifying the range of tours to capture the very essence of Asia. Today, over 23 years later, Wendy Wu Tours is a global leader in travel, taking tens-of-thousands of travellers to 25 countries throughout the continent every year.

For us, your journey begins from that very first enquiry. You can trust that we are dedicated to expertly guide you through your Asian adventure with exceptional customer service and expert knowledge of your destination.

Wendy Wu Tours has now expanded into new magnificent regions of the world, taking travellers to South America and Africa. Using our expertise and perfected touring formula, we have opened up a new world to Wendy Wu Tours’ travellers by offering ‘Worldwide’ tour experiences.

Our most proud innovation for 2018 and beyond is the Immerse Yourself range of tours. These offer active, authentic and up-close cultural experiences. They also take travellers to less-explored locations with Epic Journeys bucket-list adventures, such as Mongolia, Central Asia, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. As well-informed travellers seek out less mainstream travel experiences, Wendy Wu Tours has transformed with this trend to provide an entire range of tours (that can also be booked on a private basis) that embrace inspiring experiences.

For example, instead of walking along the Great Wall near Beijing for an hour, travellers can hike along a remote section with no crowds for much longer. Cycle through the rice paddy-lined countryside of Vietnam or hike to colourful minority tribe villages and learn about their traditions.

Spiritual experiences also abound with the chance to be part of a sacred Baci ceremony is Laos, meditate with a Taoist master in China, meet the Padaung people of Myanmar or experiencing a Lama blessing in Nepal.

Some of the hand-picked experiences include staying overnight in a Buddhist monastery on Mt Koya in Japan, exploring the temples of Angkor by tuk-tuk or bouncing in an ox-cart through Rajasthani villages in India.

Our new Immerse Yourself tours peel back the layers of the well-trodden tourist trails to delve deeper into local culture; it’s something that leaves our guest feeling personally enriched.