Visit the Wisteria Tunnel in Kitakyushu

No, this isn’t a painting. It is Japan’s breathtakingly beautiful¬†Wisteria Tunnel.


Like the impressionist strokes of a Monet painting, this Wisteria Tunnel is a breathtaking vision of winding pastel vines in shades of purple, pink, blue and white.

Not to be outdone by Japan’s more famous bloom, the cherry blossom, this magnificent postcard-like scene can be found at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, just over two hours south-west of Osaka by train.

It’s well worth the journey, but ensure you time your visit right (between late April to mid-May) to see the blooms at their most beautiful. Indeed, with its romantic fairytale-like appearance, you’d be forgiven for expecting a meet-cute underneath the whimsical hanging vines.

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