The country designed for the wild at heart

So you want to be wild at heart discover Canada? Canada & Alaska Specialist Holidays have five ways for you to do it differently.


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Canada is one of the most diverse countries that you can travel to and it’d be easy to spend months exploring the majestic landscapes, pristine lakes and thriving wildlife. But the best way to immerse yourself is to do things a little differently.

Bear lodges

Get up close and personal with the local wildlife by staying in a Bear Lodge. There are a number of lodges only a short boat or float plane ride away from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Be spoiled with untouched landscape, daily tours with knowledgeable guides and the opportunity to sit back and relax in the wilderness.

Northern Lights

There is nothing more exciting than driving away from Whitehorse to the Aurora Viewing Centre and getting your camera ready to capture this natural phenomenon. As soon as you spot the dancing green lights dancing in the sky you will forget that you are half asleep and standing outside in negative temperatures. You’ll have the option to base yourself in the city and take part in nightly viewing, or stay in a lodge or resort where you can view the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your own balcony.

Polar bears

Churchill is known as the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’, and as their title suggests, it is the ultimate Polar Bear viewing destination. Hop on a Tundra Buggy to be taken out on full-day guided excursion or stay at the Tundra Buggy Lodge to learn more about this fascinating animal.

Guided hiking, canoeing and camping

For the adventurer in you, there are specialised itineraries that will guide you through hiking trails, rivers by canoe and camping on mountains, riverbanks and other captivating landscapes. The Yukon boasts breathtaking scenery and an abundance of wildlife.


If you are after the ultimate level of flexibility, why not be your own guide? With a range of exciting self-drive itineraries, you will have a hard time choosing between the rugged landscape of Vancouver Island, the heart-skipping views on the Canadian Rockies, or being transported into Europe when driving through Quebec. There is a piece of Canada for everyone.


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