beluga whale swimming hudson bay arctic water canada Manitoba
Love humpbacks whales? Wait ’til you meet the belugas of Hudson Bay
While snorkelling in Arctic waters, Birgit-Cathrin Duval forgets how cold the water is as she sings with the Beluga whales in an undersea duet.
Conquer Canada’s Arctic on a wilderness adventure
Take all the polar you can bear in sub-Arctic Manitoba. 
Crack the Hermetic Code in Manitoba
Do your own super-sleuthing in one of North America's most mysterious buildings. 
Go wild in Churchill on a polar bear safari
Test your nerves on a journey to meet one of the world's most amazing animals.
Snorkel with Canada’s mystical beluga whales
Snorkel with Canada's wonderful beluga whales. 
Winnipeg skyline, Manitoba, Canada.
Winnipeg’s Exchange District: where historic architecture meets modern culture
An unexpected metropolis of pop-up shops, edgy fashion, diverse music, plus a calendar full of festivals, the Exchange District in Winnipeg is helping to transform the Canadian prairie city into a cultural centre.
Dog sledding Churchill Canada
The dog-sledding dilemma: should I or shouldn’t I?
Is dog sledding cruel? Are sled dogs forced to run or is it natural? 
Churchill Manitoba Polar bears
13 things to know about Churchill’s polar bears
Do you dream of seeing a polar bear up close and personal in the wild?  Perhaps your best option is Churchill, a tiny outpost on the shores of vast Hudson Bay, in Canada’s sub-Arctic. Here you can take a tour out into the tundra and interact with the mighty sea mammals from the safety of a specially designed buggy. But before you book, here are a few things you might want to know about the bears and the seriously isolated frontier town, too. (Steve Madgwick)