The BIG mistake 55% of Aussie travellers make

There’s a one in two chance that you’ll have already made this mistake – or will do in time…


Booking a holiday on your own can be a daunting thing, especially if it’s a destination-hopping, month-long escapade that sees you needing to marry up dates and flights and hotel bookings – oh my!

Honestly, you almost need to have a degree in nuclear science to work the spreadsheet necessary to pull something like this off – and then once you’ve booked, you need to have the patience and the willpower to check it all off, and ensure you haven’t made a mistake. Preferably before you board the plane.


The one BIG mistake Aussie holidaymakers are… erm, making

Skyscanner has just released important research that reveals when it comes to booking a holiday, 55 per cent of Aussies are guilty of one treacherous error. It’s not packing aerosols into their luggage either – it’s booking flights on the wrong day or at the wrong time.

Other than being really annoying, some airline sales are final, so your mistake could be potentially punishing you in the form of the full price of your ticket. Ouch.

You see, human error is inevitable, especially on a multi-leg journey – however the way around this blunder is to check, and double check. And that’s where Aussies are going wrong the most.


Surprising, given how much we worry about making a mistake

The fact that we’re failing to check our work and pick up these errors is surprising – given that the same research revealed that a whopping 70 per cent of Aussie travellers spend their time stressing over making a mistake during the booking phase.


Here are some tips on how to not mess up your booking

  • When it comes to a tricky itinerary, it pays to look at the routes with clear eyes. Once you’ve booked – or are close to booking – give yourself a day, or at least a couple of hours to clear your head, go for a walk, or have a cup of tea. You may just pick up an obvious blunder that you previously missed.
  • The other advice is to get someone else to look over your times and dates, to see if it makes sense to them.
  • Draw out your journey on a map, creating a timeline with dates and times noted down, so that you begin to see your trip come to life, and subsequently make it easier to sniff out any slip-ups.
  • It sounds simple, but remember, check-in dates should be the same as your flight arrival date – and check-out should be the same as your flight departure date.



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