Scared to travel solo? Take some tips from an Instagram pro

Aubrey Daquinag from travel and fashion style blog The Love Assembly and author of Wander Love – Lessons, Tips and Inspiration from a Solo Traveller on her journeys so far.

What is your first memory of travelling?
I grew up with a lot of family road trips; camping and plenty of outdoor activities. The first overseas travel that really got me seeing the world I would say was in 2012 when I did a trip to India and Bali. I guess you could say that all that was missing was Italy…! I had just quit my full-time job, wanted to see a world completely different to how I lived, and India was the number one destination on my list. My friends thought I was bizarre for choosing India over a summer in Europe as my first real destination to explore, but I was intrigued by the culture, art of block printing and embroidery and free spirit of the place. It was definitely an eye-opening and wonderful experience.

What do you love about travel?
Learning… about different cultures, food, and how people live differently around the world. On a deeper level: using the act of travel as a means of personal growth and self-improvement within.

Where are you Planning on going next?
Summer in Europe sounds pretty sweet! Plus the big move to the UK in June; fingers crossed it all runs smoothly.

Do you travel light or for every occasion?
I’ve learnt to travel light, but depending on the occasion and reason for the trip, packing varies from light to just right.

Which is your favourite city to travel to?
That’s a hard one but I do love going back for more discoveries in my old hometown Melbourne, and of course New York for a hot minute.

What’s your absolute dream location?
That’s a hard one – it’s between Morocco or Mexico.

Favourite food destination?
Mexico: because it’s so healthy and fresh, and because Mexican cuisine es mi favorito!

What are your go-to travel websites for research?
Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s always in your carry-on?
An extra outfit (just in case I or someone else spills something on me during transit), my laptop along with all the work essentials like my chargers, hard drive and headphones, camera, facial wipes, and a hydrating mist spray.

Homestay (Airbnb), hotel or hostel – which do you prefer and where are your favourites?
Airbnb for group travels, hotel for couple travels, a mix between hotel and hostel for solo travels; boutique hostels only though, not the party kind.

Where have you had your best meal while travelling?
In Tulum, Mexico: it consisted of three 70 cent tacos from a local eatery that our driver took me and my mates to for breakfast before a big day of exploring.

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