Review: The Jade Hotel, New York

Quentin Long checks in to one of New York’s most hotly anticipated openings for 2013, The Jade Hotel, to see what all the fuss is about


When Ian Schrager opened Morgan’s Hotel in Manhattan in 1984 he gifted the world the boutique hotel. From that seminal moment, NYC has been the vanguard of design savvy intimate hotels with every season ushering in a new crop of chic abodes.

In spring 2013 the most lauded was The Jade Hotel, offering a high-end aesthetic at a luxury-for-less rate.

Beautifully positioned on the border of West and Greenwich Village, easy NY strolling distance to Bleecker Street (shopping), MacDougal Street (nightlife) and the 14th Street subway station, the most intriguing thing about The Jade is how well the newly built 113-room structure integrates into the Georgian Village façades of its neighbours on West 14th Street. It is flawless and the hotel adds a great deal to the streetscape without ostentation or gaudy dominance.

Dashing from the town car towards the lobby, the street-front glass windows and double doors give off a seductive warm glow pulling me into the lobby. The glass-domed anteroom throws any natural light down the marble staircase into the moody below-street-level lobby. The entire aesthetic of The Jade Hotel is Art Deco with a soupçon of eclecticism and boho.

The lobby is made for Manhattan; a small lounge area of plush purple and blue velvety sofas with high silver gilded ceilings. Long tubular Art Deco chandeliers throw the soft lighting onto the exposed brick. A small library is tucked into the wall while centre stage at the base of the stairwell is a faux fire crowned by a huge mirror.

I find the reception desk tucked into a dark corner behind the stairwell. I fly through check-in and arrive in my ‘Grove Queen’ room ready for a jet lag-curing rest. The Art Deco finishes are all at my fingertips. Literally.

Classics for the period include the Egyptian fan print bed head with a circular bedside lamp and ultra retro black rotary-dial Bakelite telephone. The Tivoli radio with iDock and C.O Bigelow amenities finish off the modern luxury offering. The room interior is definitely hitting its design brief.

Overall my room is on the smaller side of that lovely euphemistic hotel phrase, ‘compact’. And there is the rub. It’s just small enough to make me feel claustrophobic and drive me out of it. I love it but I can’t spend too much time in it. And with NYC outside, that’s not a big problem to have. So I dump everything and head to the hotel bar for a jet lag-curing drink instead.

The bar and restaurant, Grape & Vine, is tucked behind the lift-well on the lobby floor. It’s designed to evoke the ‘oh-so-chic’ speakeasy vibe that is causing obsessive levels of development in bar scenes across the world.

I cosy in at the marble and wood bar with a glass of Sancerre (a tick for the decent wine list) trying to shake off the flight. The dining room is lit by a huge central sky light but is still intimate with red curved lovers-lounge banquettes that are occupied by two groups of couples. The bistro menu is classic American: New York Strip or Long Island Duck Breast and, of course, a hearty burger.

Two months after opening, the staff is efficient and effective but a little hesitant and unsure of the systems. So while it’s gorgeously appointed, The Jade Hotel has two major flaws, the rooms are small and the walls are thin – not a great combination.

Would I return? Sure, if the price was right, because it is so functionally located and well-appointed. But it is not a place to put on the bucket list.


• Who
The Jade Hotel
52 West 13th Street
New York

• The IT Verdict
Quentin, who paid his own way and visited anonymously, says: “Great aesthetic, amenities and location plus a romantic bar and restaurant. It has great bones but make sure ask for a slightly larger room than my shoebox.”

• Notes
Quentin paid $376 including taxes for a Grove Queen room

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  • Cherie says:

    I love the Jade! I’ve already stayed three times and have booked it again for Easter weekend and again in July! I hate to leave and can’t wait to return. The staff is amazing and thoughtful. I love the rooms! They are cozy and comfortable!! Morning coffee, delivered with just a phone call is wonderful. I could go on and on!